Meet the Geese Control team!

Anne Sison and Eddie – Air Patrol Unit

Murphy – Canine Geese patrol – Ground Control Unit

Anne has been a licensed falconer since 1987 after studying at the Canadian School of Traditional Falconry. Her expertise as a Falconer has allowed her to train hawks, falcons, eagles and owls to be used for wildlife control, education and demonstrations.

For the past thirteen years Anne has been sought after for Canadian geese control on golf courses, parks and sports fields, as well as seagull and pigeon control. Because of her expertise and success with geese control she has been interviewed by major radio stations, television shows and national newspapers to speak about how she has created the most effective and humane programs for geese control. The methods she has developed have been proven over and over again successfully.

As a result of her dedication to her passion of Falconry, Anne has given many educational talks with her birds at business functions, schools, senior’s homes, malls and children’s groups such as Cub Scouts and Sparx. Moreover, she has volunteered with her birds at camps for kids with cancer and hospice.