Some Methods Used

Our Methods Of Geese Control

It has been our experience that the most effective method of legal geese control is a program introducing a combination of predators (eagle, hawks, dogs) into the problem area and monitoring 2 to 3 times a day, or as required (contact us to set up a free evaluation).  Also, during the nesting season  finding all of the nests and addling or oiling the eggs is paramount in order to bring the numbers of geese down to a minimum.  But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, we have some trade secrets we can discuss with you during your evaluation.

Because geese are highly intelligent and very stubborn, it’s important that they are not allowed to become comfortable. They should be forced to be on the alert at all at times.

With regular and continuous harassment and the use of predators, geese eventually look for a new nesting  and molting  area. With our methods, geese are not just moved from one part of the course to another.  Harassment continues until they have vacated the property and forced to look for a less intimidating nesting /resting location.

Geese are flushed out of ponds (their safety zone), and then with the use of a golf cart they are followed using a mix of harassment techniques.  In this way they never get used to one method nor do they know what method is coming next.

More methods are used, however, we would rather discuss some of our trade secrets in  your free evaluation meeting.


Other, less effective methods of geese control that we have encountered in our 11 years of experience

Explosives – Explosives have been tried with limited success. Usually, geese will fly away for a while and then return when things calm down.  In addition, the effectiveness of explosives noise  will not only disturb geese, but golf course neighbors and golfers as well.  Local sound by-laws should first be checked before exploring this method further. Federal permit is required for this type of geese control.

Bird Scare Tape – Mylar bird scare tape can be tied to stakes near ponds, but is of limited value for geese control.  Remember, geese are big birds that do not scare easily.

Pistol Launcher – A single shot pistol launcher, similar to a starters pistol, can be used to frighten geese.  Diligence is important with this method.  Approval from the Federal authorities is required for this method. Local police should also be notified to prevent reports of gunfire in the area.

Apply Repellants – In the U.S., the environment protection agency has approved the use of spray repellants on lawns and turf.  Geese will avoid feeding on the treated area because they dislike the taste.  However, geese may still walk across treated areas to get to adjacent untreated areas.

At the time of our research into this method of geese control, the cost was about $125.00 U.S. per acre per application.  Several applications per year are usually necessary.  The chemical washes off during rain (sprinklers) or is removed during grass cutting.  If it is too diluted, it won’t work; if too concentrated, it can kill the grass.

Other Less Effective Methods

The use of swans – the real ones create other problems as well as not being very effective;  fake ones don’t work at all.

Bird distress calls – effective for some bird species, but not proven for geese.

Scarecrows or dead goose decoys – ineffective for resident geese.