Notice how the geese flew away and circled back to seek safe haven in the pond (like they may with a dog), however, they saw Eddie guarding land, water and air and flew out of his territory.

If you would like to hire us for your golf course, park, sports field, etc…

email: anne@geesecontrol.org


Ballantrae Golf Course

I am pleased to write this letter of reference for Anne Murphy and her company’s services. Ballantre Golf Club has contracted Anne since 2000. Ballantrae is an 18 hole championship golf course designed by Doug Carrick, surrounded by 900 homes in Ontario’s finest active adult lifestyle community.

Upon opening we encountered a large and annoying goose population that adopted our open water and lush manicured fairways. During our first season we struggled with the traditional approach to discouraging geese from interfering with our customer’s enjoyment of our facility.

This was the only full service company to incorporate a multifaceted approach to keep our golf course free of resident geese. They combine a professional and dedicated work ethic with the use of Eddie the Eagle, a falcon, dogs and even model speed boats to keep our property geese free.

Her command and use of the birds of prey proved to be the substantial difference that makes her service a success where others fail. The mere presence of Eddie the Eagle on our property would clear ponds and fairways on his immediate arrival.

John McLellan – General Manager
Ballantrae Golf Course – Ontario
(905) 640-633


Granite Golf Club

Please note that Anne Murphy and her company, has been providing Canada Geese Control service for Granite Golf Club since 2001. She has utilized a variety of controls including birds (Eddie the Eagle), remote control boats and a dog.  We have been very pleased with the results as well as the service that Anne has provided over the years.


John Gravett
General Manager & C.O.O
Granite Golf Club
2350 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, ON.
M2L 1E4
905-642-4416 Ext. 2222
905-642-2192 fax


Fairways Golf Course
As reported in their newsletter circulation

Here is the latest on the  Fairwinds Goose Control Program -

  Fairwinds original goal was to have Anne patrol the course  every day from 3:00 p.m. till dusk for     2 weeks and then evaluate the  results. She has had great success as you are aware. Anne and     Eddy (the  eagle) will be working the course on a maintenance level of 3 days a week, 2 hrs per     day for a period of time. Jim has asked her to vary the  times and the days of the week that she is   There so there is no  established pattern for the geese to adapt to. Fairwinds budgetary goal  is to    work toward 2 days a week throughout the year as required.